Well Let’s Try This Again

So over a year since the last post, I know sad. It was a big year though baby, house, promotion at work. So now I am back to training for a new season of races (likely all MEC races due to cost) and another outdoor season of soccer.

Goals this year, break the 25 minute mark for a 5 km race and then carry that pace up as my distance increases. Possibly find a Try-a or Sprint Triathlon and give that go as it is on the bucket list. So lets see how this all goes and I will hopefully be able to post a little more often, and possibly my wife can find time between baby and all her other activities to join in the posts as well.

All journeys start but with a single step. So here we go!


Just checking in

So i have not posted in a while, unfortunately it has been a  string of injuries. Plantar Fasciitis is finally healing and along comes a strain of my right quad while playing soccer. So back on the mend again, hopefully back to training and ready to race the Burlington MEC trail race on April 18th. I so miss running, but at least I am still hitting the spin bike and looking forward to using my brothers pool this summer to do some laps. Maybe finally not a sprint triathlon off my bucket list.

Plantar Fasciitis, you are a cruel mistress

So we are welling into the running season and I have run a single race, sad days. In April i was slowly increasing my distance again and was up to about 10 km runs again with short runs during the week ranging from 3.5 km to 5 km. Ran a trail race through MEC at the end of April and then outdoor soccer season began. This is where it all fell apart, first game comes and no subs, this meant 1.5 hours on my feet running 75% of the match if not more. and the left foot gave it up. Woke the next morning to heel pain but nothing major. So figuring that it was just a hard plant during a kick that lead to this I continued my routine. Bad idea, stubbornness is ones worst enemy sometimes, as the pain became more intense and longer lasting. Ice helped and massage but I felt it would pass as I had not researched what it could be. 2 weeks later with it not improving I took to the net and discovered the likely cause Plantar Fasciitis. So here we are beginning a 2 week rest and rehabilitation. Stretches, strengthening and massage, are on tap along with advil to help with the swelling. I am hopeful that in 2 weeks I can start over and get back to training so I can run a race I failed to compete at cause of poor preparation and a warrior dash that both come around mid July. Joys of age and immaturity in the sport.

Lesson learned on this one so hopefully I will not make the same error again.

Head in a Cloud

So this Saturday is my first race of the year. MEC (Burlington) trail race, starting off small with a 5.5 km run through the Dundas Valley. I have been looking forward to this for a month now, getting more excited the closer race day came. I am excited as I love trail races and running above all others and I have a new pair of trail shoe to race in, my Spyridons. However I was lucky enough to get a sinus infection compliments likely of my son, only days before the race. This is a huge disappointment as I have been getting faster and was shooting to try and complete the race in under 26 minutes. It is still my goal but it was a stretch even if i was healthy and rested, so I fear it will be a goal I will need to carry to another race. I will try an load some photos of the race and give some feed back on the course and how my new shoes have preformed. Fingers crossed I will also be able to post that I was successful in accomplishing my goal.

Gadgets keep you going

So I was strolling around Boxing Day, looking for a new MP3 player and headphones for my longer runs this year and when I am on the track, to keep motivated. When I came across the Fitbit display. My co-worker had been talking about getting one for a while, though he has found other uses for his money so far. Anyways I picked up the flex and looked at what it had to offer, and thought why not I have the cash from Christmas and I can still get my MP3 player and headphones. Also I figured if I used for a week a and was not impressed I could just return it.

We are now a month down the road and I have no plans on returning my Fitbit Flex. It is not that it is the most accurate or best item on the market. It is because of the goals it sets daily automatically for you. For someone who hates to see goals go incomplete, it makes for a huge driving force to do that little bit extra everyday. Those little smiley faces that appear when you sync up and see the work done will make me continue pushing. At the same time I am only using this to help motivate, not actually track my true progress. I am still using my Garmin on runs along with the heart rate monitor, but for what the Fitbit is I think it is worth having to keep your daily motivation high.  Especially if people who know you think you have a little OCD, cause it will get you walking on the spot at the end of the day or going for a run to meet your goal.

Side not the MP3 player I got was a Sony Walkman 8 gb, great little player so far, little being the important thing. The headphones were a set of Yurbud Duro and I am very impressed by those as well.

Running into Winter

So the weather has changed and snow is now on the ground. Normally it should make me want to hide in the house, but I learned last year that some of the best runs i could have would be in the frigid snow covered trails around my home town. By best runs I mean the most enjoyable and serene runs I would ever have. But don’t get me wrong I still use the indoor track for the short runs that require more pace. The public indoor track is great to have in town, cause no matter how bad the weather is I can’t find an excuse to not be able to run. Plus it makes for a good driving force to train as the local track team uses this track in the winter. So it gives me some incentive to push and not let them pass me as easily.

Long runs outside or on the track will be the next thing on my to do list. I was sorely disappointed with my performance at last years Around the Bay. The fact that I had to walk any of the race is not acceptable to me, so I need to get in gear and get those kilometers under my belt. This year is as good as any to make it a run for the whole time, in the process hopefully I can knock off a few minutes.

Will try and update a little more often my progress and hopefully have a few more reviews of some shoes I have been training in.

A day of awesome feats.

So today a record of 28 years fell. The Canadian woman’s marathon record is now Lanni Merchants, congratulations on well deserved recognition for an amazing performance.

This is something that I hope to help drive myself to get back to training. It has been an upheaval recently with our family routines. Lisa has a new full time job that has lead to me now biking an average of 70 kilometres per week for my work commute. However this also chews more time and has made it difficult to make it to the gym and out for our usual runs. So training has fallen to the way side, but that is all changing this coming week. I am looking forward to this as well as Lisa. Hopefully all goes well this week and the fire is ignited once more so we can set our goals for next year. Around the Bay is my monkey on the back since I failed to running the full distance last year. I am not a fan of leaving things unfinished. So we shall keep you posted, just keep putting one foot in front of the other.