Another day, another lost run

So, we went for our long run on Sunday and it was cold. It was also beautiful and peaceful. Leaving at 6 in the morning was trying, but once on the trails around the Grand River it was well worth it. However due to the slick and snow covered trail, my ankle and Achilles were not quite up to the task, so I am now having to take a few days off to rest a strain. I am hopeful it is enough because missing my runs drives me nuts. It makes me disappointed in myself, but it is better to rest and feel disappointment than to cause further injury.
On a different note, if you are ever in Brantford, Ontario on a cold day and are taking the trail through West Brant to Brant Park, crossing the large bridge spanning the Grand River cam be terrifying. The ice cracks, and sounds as though you will be plummeting to an icy doom, but it is stable. It also gives a chance to take nice photos. Wishing I had not included the railing.


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