When the Snow Flies

So Tuesday night, Weather Canada was calling for another storm to hit southern Ontario. This brings up a problem, Lisa is now working days and I am no longer able to run to work as I drop our son off at school now. So running at night is the only option, even when a wet and snowy storm is rolling in. So Lisa and I donned our gear and headed out long after the sun had gone down.

Conditions were not the worst we had ever dealt with but there was snow/slush on all sidewalks. This made for cold wet feet, but a huge sense of accomplishment. Not everyone enjoys adversity, a nice hard challenge that is out of your control. Lisa and I are used to it and thrive on dismal conditions. Our best 10 km race to date was on a hilly course in Burlington in October, raining and about 5 degrees. But I loved every minute of it as did Lisa. What is the fun in completing something if it is easy? So with cold feet and snow in the face we got our run in, it was not fast but that was not the point. We wanted to run, in fact we needed to run, it has become part of who we are now. Also all of our recent runs in the past few months that have been in cold and snowy, have all been the most satisfying and zen-like times we have experienced. Empty trails, silence and the majesty of snow covered scenery is beyond words. So next time the snow flies and people are huddling in the house on the couch, gear up and head out. You will not regret it, if you just let go and take in the calm.

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