Around the Bay only 2 weeks away

So the big day is coming and I am feeling overwhelmed and under prepared. Set backs and time changes have lead to minimal running in the past few weeks. We have not completed a run over 20 kms, and the shoes I started training in were returned due to a defect and have not been replaced. So a big race in old shoes and a lack of training; this should be a blast. We will definitely write about our experience, fingers crossed it is a good one.

Update: One of the recent changes was Lisa got a new job. This changed our schedules and made the old way of doing things difficult. To compound the issue, she is now working on March 24th and will be missing the race. We are both really disappointed, but that is how life goes.
So now I am watching the weather and hoping for a clear day that is above freezing. The approach to the race has changed slightly but I will still run (hopefully well and in good spirits). Again I will write about it likely the following day.