Back to the Fun

So It has been almost 4 weeks since Around the Bay. My feet are pretty much back to normal, I am back to training and Lisa and I are signed up for a trail race in June ( 5Peaks Trail Race at Rattlesnake Conservation). All is good, Lisa and I have set goals to improve our times starting with 5 km. Figured it  would be a good way to get back on the horse and still have goals. There are a few other races (both on the calendar) we will run between now and June to feel out our progress, though they are road races not trail. However my new training plan has the usual Sunday long run, which after my new shoes arrive (Altra Superior) will be all trails. Great way to strengthen the lower legs and really test yourself and increase your cadence. Also there is nothing like running through the forest and feeling like you are flying, sounds of nature and the river. It is by far the most freeing and calming feeling you can have, in my opinion.

So in the coming weeks I hope to post a reveiw of the Altra Superior and maybe finally do one on my Garmin Forerunner 410.


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