A day of awesome feats.

So today a record of 28 years fell. The Canadian woman’s marathon record is now Lanni Merchants, congratulations on well deserved recognition for an amazing performance.

This is something that I hope to help drive myself to get back to training. It has been an upheaval recently with our family routines. Lisa has a new full time job that has lead to me now biking an average of 70 kilometres per week for my work commute. However this also chews more time and has made it difficult to make it to the gym and out for our usual runs. So training has fallen to the way side, but that is all changing this coming week. I am looking forward to this as well as Lisa. Hopefully all goes well this week and the fire is ignited once more so we can set our goals for next year. Around the Bay is my monkey on the back since I failed to running the full distance last year. I am not a fan of leaving things unfinished. So we shall keep you posted, just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


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