Running into Winter

So the weather has changed and snow is now on the ground. Normally it should make me want to hide in the house, but I learned last year that some of the best runs i could have would be in the frigid snow covered trails around my home town. By best runs I mean the most enjoyable and serene runs I would ever have. But don’t get me wrong I still use the indoor track for the short runs that require more pace. The public indoor track is great to have in town, cause no matter how bad the weather is I can’t find an excuse to not be able to run. Plus it makes for a good driving force to train as the local track team uses this track in the winter. So it gives me some incentive to push and not let them pass me as easily.

Long runs outside or on the track will be the next thing on my to do list. I was sorely disappointed with my performance at last years Around the Bay. The fact that I had to walk any of the race is not acceptable to me, so I need to get in gear and get those kilometers under my belt. This year is as good as any to make it a run for the whole time, in the process hopefully I can knock off a few minutes.

Will try and update a little more often my progress and hopefully have a few more reviews of some shoes I have been training in.


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