Gadgets keep you going

So I was strolling around Boxing Day, looking for a new MP3 player and headphones for my longer runs this year and when I am on the track, to keep motivated. When I came across the Fitbit display. My co-worker had been talking about getting one for a while, though he has found other uses for his money so far. Anyways I picked up the flex and looked at what it had to offer, and thought why not I have the cash from Christmas and I can still get my MP3 player and headphones. Also I figured if I used for a week a and was not impressed I could just return it.

We are now a month down the road and I have no plans on returning my Fitbit Flex. It is not that it is the most accurate or best item on the market. It is because of the goals it sets daily automatically for you. For someone who hates to see goals go incomplete, it makes for a huge driving force to do that little bit extra everyday. Those little smiley faces that appear when you sync up and see the work done will make me continue pushing. At the same time I am only using this to help motivate, not actually track my true progress. I am still using my Garmin on runs along with the heart rate monitor, but for what the Fitbit is I think it is worth having to keep your daily motivation high.  Especially if people who know you think you have a little OCD, cause it will get you walking on the spot at the end of the day or going for a run to meet your goal.

Side not the MP3 player I got was a Sony Walkman 8 gb, great little player so far, little being the important thing. The headphones were a set of Yurbud Duro and I am very impressed by those as well.