Head in a Cloud

So this Saturday is my first race of the year. MEC (Burlington) trail race, starting off small with a 5.5 km run through the Dundas Valley. I have been looking forward to this for a month now, getting more excited the closer race day came. I am excited as I love trail races and running above all others and I have a new pair of trail shoe to race in, my Spyridons. However I was lucky enough to get a sinus infection compliments likely of my son, only days before the race. This is a huge disappointment as I have been getting faster and was shooting to try and complete the race in under 26 minutes. It is still my goal but it was a stretch even if i was healthy and rested, so I fear it will be a goal I will need to carry to another race. I will try an load some photos of the race and give some feed back on the course and how my new shoes have preformed. Fingers crossed I will also be able to post that I was successful in accomplishing my goal.


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