Plantar Fasciitis, you are a cruel mistress

So we are welling into the running season and I have run a single race, sad days. In April i was slowly increasing my distance again and was up to about 10 km runs again with short runs during the week ranging from 3.5 km to 5 km. Ran a trail race through MEC at the end of April and then outdoor soccer season began. This is where it all fell apart, first game comes and no subs, this meant 1.5 hours on my feet running 75% of the match if not more. and the left foot gave it up. Woke the next morning to heel pain but nothing major. So figuring that it was just a hard plant during a kick that lead to this I continued my routine. Bad idea, stubbornness is ones worst enemy sometimes, as the pain became more intense and longer lasting. Ice helped and massage but I felt it would pass as I had not researched what it could be. 2 weeks later with it not improving I took to the net and discovered the likely cause Plantar Fasciitis. So here we are beginning a 2 week rest and rehabilitation. Stretches, strengthening and massage, are on tap along with advil to help with the swelling. I am hopeful that in 2 weeks I can start over and get back to training so I can run a race I failed to compete at cause of poor preparation and a warrior dash that both come around mid July. Joys of age and immaturity in the sport.

Lesson learned on this one so hopefully I will not make the same error again.


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